Compare Truckify packages.

Truckify has 4 different pricing plans including a free option. Truckify is the easiest way to get the best online transportation tools.

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The 53'



The 48'



The Partial



The Pallet



Which plan is right for me?

1-5 trucks: The Partial

If you have a small fleet or an owner operator, The Partial is probably a good choice for you. You get a custom website, truck tracking, your own domain name and email address.

5-15 trucks: The 48'

If you are a medium-sized trucking company, The 48' is right for you. With some more of our advanced features to help simplify your business, you can begin to use our technology to work for you.

15+ trucks: The 53'

Is your fleet over 15 trucks? Need a website that makes you look as professional and capable as possible for those large clients? Well, The 53' plan is right for you. Call today!